Practice Approach


Our approach is holistic and embodies a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of each and every individual.  Healing can be enhanced by integrating mind, body, and spirit.  Therefore, we hold relevant all aspects of an individual's life and how those aspects are interconnected.  Our approach is based in mindfulness and is informed by both western philosophies and practices (DBT, CBT and ACT) as well as eastern philosophies and practices (Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Reiki and Plant Medicine).  Additionally, we practice through a lens and with a perspective that is trauma informed, person centered, strength based and culturally responsive.  Our commitment is to support the people we work with in living lives that are more meaningful, enriching and nourishing - feeling better, while also living better.  We provide a warm, genuine, collaborative and validating environment in which your life story can safely be explored and that which you have found that both serves and is useful to you as well as that which is not.  We believe that the essence of true wellness and optimal health lies with the relationship that we have with ourselves and our ability to forgive, accept and love every part, the dark and the light . 

Population Focus

Adults 13 +


          Years in Practice: 9 years

          Degree: Masters in Social Work

          Year Graduated: 2009

          License Number and State: #6020, Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers







Communication and Relationships

Identity Issues/Self Esteem

Personal Growth/Spiritual Crises

Loss or Grief


Private 50 minute session $75 Private 80 minute session $95 Introductory Special Also Available Limited Sliding Scale Availability

How we can help

Finding the right therapist, one with whom you feel comfortable, can trust and who can understand and accept without judgement your unique journey and struggle is essential if therapy is going to be helpful and useful.  Our hope is to be a compassionate listener, witness and guide for you, who accepts you unconditionally and offers a safe space and container to explore your hopes, needs and desired changes from a place of self actualization and realization, empowering you to be your own healer.  We can explore thinking and behavior patterns as well as difficult emotions and body sensations that get in the way of acting in accordance with your values and expressing your true self.    We can explore the positive elements that exist within you already and how to expand the strength and beauty you already hold and have, but that may just be dormant or stuck.  If you have questions or would like to talk , please feel free to contact for a free consultation.    


Call or text at 503-539-5552